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Stick & Store: Using Magnets To Improve Storage Unit Organization

As you rent a storage unit, it's important to make good use out of the space. Throwing everything into a bin is just inviting chaos and creating all kinds of problems for finding items in the future. There are dozens of storage solutions out there, but it's important to think in practical terms of the storage unit setting. Stacking boxes or plastic bins can be a tedious process as you try to find items. As an alternative to the storage unit chaos, one way you can help stay organized is by using magnets. Magnetic accessories and storage solutions can help you stay organized, access products, and efficiently use the space. As you seek the best storage unit rentals, consider the following four magnetic products that can be used while storing items.

Magnetic Wall Panels

Storage units are made with all different types of wall materials. Some of the walls in your rental unit may have metal sides. If this is the case, then you can easily attach magnetic wall panels to the sides of your unit. If your unit does not have any metal walls, then you can use a removal adhesive to attach the magnetic wall panels. These panels are the base product that can be used for additional storage solutions and accessories. For example, you can attach magnetic cubby holes or clips to the wall panels.

A magnetic cubby hole can be attached to the wall panel so you can access items quickly. You may use the storage unit for holding holiday items. Cubby holes can easily store holiday decorations, ornaments, or Christmas lights. The magnetic cubby holes can also be used to store smaller items like books or DVDs. If you sell a lot of items from your storage unit, then accessing the items quickly will make it a lot easier while you sell. Magnetic clips and hooks are ideal for items like clothes or costumes. You can hang up the items so that they do not end up wrinkled or musty from being kept in boxes.

Magnetic Storage Bins

Another way you can use magnets in your storage unit is with magnetic storage bins. The mesh metal bins feature strong magnets on the back that can be used to hold all types of items. By organizing the items on the walls, you can save a lot of storage space on the floor and in the center of the unit. These bins are ideal for holding documents, small hardware accessories, or electronic items. For example, a unit bin can be used to store USB power cables and other charging cords that you may have. When left in boxes or bins, these cables can easily tangle and be hard to find. A storage bin makes it easy to separate the items and keeps them from tangling around each other.

Magnetic Tool Rack

Storage units are often used for storing hardware and items that are not needed at your home. It is often common for people to store their tools in a storage unit. As you need access to tools, you can save a lot of time and energy by having them all stored on a hanging magnetic tool rack. These tool racks feature a large magnetic strip that tools can be attached to. A variety of magnetic tool racks are available. You can purchase or make racks that feature smaller magnets for more delicate tools like Allen wrenches. Heavy-duty tool racks feature power strips of magnets that can be used to hold heavier tools like hammers, screwdrivers, and small saws. By organizing all of the tools on the rack, you can easily remove them and use them for the intended job.

These racks are also great for storage organization in itself. When you need to put together or take apart items for the unit, you can easily access the tools and know they are there each time you go to visit the storage unit. For example, if you are storing a bed frame, you can access screwdrivers and easily take apart the frame before finding the best place in the unit to store it. This will make it a lot easier to organize your items and save space.

Look at various units to see the various space and how you can use magnetic products in your organizational strategy.