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The Pros And Cons Of Renting A Historic Apartment

When you start looking for apartments, one of the first things you realize is that there are a few basic types of apartments to choose from. There are apartments located within a distinct apartment community, new luxury apartments owned by private landlords, and historic apartments with unique flair, also owned by private landlords. If you prefer the unique to the mainstream, then you are probably drawn to the historic apartments above the other options. But you should consider these pros and cons before you sign that lease.

Pro: Carpeting is less common.

Many older apartments have hardwood floors rather than carpeted floors. This is definitely an advantage when you are a renter since you don't have to worry about what previous tenants may have left behind in the carpet. Hardwood is easier to keep clean than carpet; you don't have to pay to get it shampooed. Plus, it definitely has natural beauty, which is all the rage these days.

Con: Heating systems are not always the best.

Many older apartment buildings have boiler heating or electric baseboard heat. While these systems are quiet, the radiators or baseboard heaters do take up space. Plus, if the heating system is old, there is a greater chance of it failing and leaving you without heat on a chilly night.

Pro: The walls are often thicker.

Old buildings were built to be strong and durable. A side effect of this is that the walls in older apartment buildings tend to be a lot thicker. Therefore, you won't hear as much from your neighbors as you would in a newer apartment. You also don't have to worry as much about your neighbors hearing you, which is good news if you have noisy kids, a pet, or if you play an instrument.

Con: Closets may be tiny.

Until the last few decades, people did not rely on closets for storage as often. A lot of older homes were built with fewer closets, under the assumption that the occupants would use wardrobes or dressers. If you're the type who likes to hang your clothing, an older apartment may not have enough closet space. Then again, you can always improvise with a freestanding unit like they did in the olden days!

Every historic apartment is different, so consider the pros and cons above, but also visit any of the apartment you're thinking of renting to see it for yourself.