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4 Pool Plumbing Maintenance Tips To Prepare Your Pump And Filter For Another Swimming Season

There is a lot of maintenance that needs to be done before you can open your pool for summer swimming. Before you start adding chemicals and shocking the water with chlorine, you are going to need to do some maintenance to the pump and filter system of your pool. Here are some pool maintenance tips to help with preparing the plumbing, pump and filtration systems of your pool for another long swimming season:

1. Winterization and Connecting Pool Equipment in Spring

If you live in an area that is at risk of winter freezing, you may have weatherized all the lines of your pool, as well as the irrigation system. Before you can start cleaning your pool, you are going to have to have all the lines reconnected. If you have a plumbing contractor to this for your irrigation system, have them also do the pipes for your pool's filtration system.

2. Testing Pipe Connections and Parts for Leaks from Winter Freezing

You are going to need to have the lines tested for leaks once you have connected the pool pump back up. Have a plumbing contractor do tests for all the lines and connections of pool equipment to ensure that there are not any leaks before you start with the opening maintenance for your pool before summer.

3. Repairing Damaged Parts of Pool Equipment Before Cleaning Pool Filters

Over the winter months, your pools water lines are at risk of freezing if the water was not removed correctly. This can cause cracks in lines and leaking fittings on pool equipment. Have a plumbing contractor do the repairs that are needed for any of the fittings before you start circulating water in your pool to get ready to open it.

4. Backwashing Pool Filters and Replacing Medium to Get Ready for Cleaning

Once you have done all the maintenance to the lines of your pool, the last thing you need to do is backwash the filter. Run water through the backwash valve of the filter to clear any debris that has built up over the winter months. Replace the filter medium and you will be ready for the rest of the pool maintenance and cleaning.

These are some pool maintenance tips to help prepare your filter and pump system for summer. If you need help with maintenance and repairs to get your pool open in time for summer, contact a plumbing contractor, such as at Clearwater Plumbing,  to help with connecting pump and filter equipment and checking for leaks.