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Three Helpful Tips For Hiring A Leadership Speaker

Hiring a leadership speaker can be a great way to motivate management and staff. Knowing how to hire the right speaker, however, is important. Here are a few helpful tips you can use so you and your staff get the most out of this engaging and motivating experience.

Leadership Style

Leadership speakers come from a range of backgrounds, from military leadership to athletic coaching. Determine which type of leadership style will have the best impact on your staff. Perhaps you want someone who can inspire your executive management. You may want to hire a former CEO to handle your speech. If you want someone who can promote teamwork and cooperation, an athlete or athletic coach might be the right answer. A company that represents many different types of speakers can help you determine which of its clients is right for you.

Speaking Topics

While some leadership speakers may give the same speech at every engagement, others may be able to tweak their message to fit your company's needs. You'll want to ask the agency representing the leadership speaker you want to hire about messaging and speaking topics. You may find that some speakers have several topics you can choose from. Knowing what will be said in advance can help you build the event around your keynote speaker.

Post-Speech Availability

Depending on the type of corporate event you are hosting, you may want your leadership speaker to remain present for the rest of the event. For example, if you are hosting an awards dinner or ceremony, you may want to invite your speaker to sit at the head table throughout the meal. For a conference-style event, a Q and A session with the speaker may be a valuable opportunity for your staff. Ask in advance about the speaker's post-speech availability. If having the speaker present throughout the event is important to you, this availability may help you determine which person to hire for the job.

Once you have settled on a speaker, you can work on marketing your event. For an internal meeting or awards ceremony, this might mean sending out emails and updating the company website to let employees know who will be speaking at the function. However, if you are inviting clients and vendors, you can market the event and the speaker along with other offerings from your company. Look for creative ways to get the word out, such as social media, to get everyone excited about attending.

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