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4 Tricks For Bringing People Back To Your Trade Show Booths

You have your trade show booth all set up to capture leads and make sales. Now, how do you get people to come to your booth? There are countless booths at any trade show and it can be difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition. Here are a few tips and tricks.

1. Bring Them Back Another Day

Don't forget that multiple contacts are the best sales technique. Customers become more likely to engage with and purchase from you the more they have interacted with you. On multi-day trade shows, consider running raffles and contests that require customers to come back the next day to see whether they've won. 

In general, contests and raffles are a great way to collect information, as you can request business cards in exchange for a ticket to entry. Just don't forget that some people may not be able to attend the entire time; consider running multiple raffles to give everyone a chance.

2. Send Out the Ambassadors

Send out your best employees to walk through the trade show booths advertising your product or service. Get t-shirts and caps printed with your company's name on it, in addition to your booth number. Have your ambassadors hand out contact information and talk to people directly about your company. As long as they don't get aggressive and try to pull people from other booths, this should be fine to do in any trade show.

3. Have the Right Swag

Trade show promoters need to be inventive. Countless thumb drives, pens, and tote bags are given out at trade shows. Focus on the things that people really want during a trade show, which often includes non-alcoholic drinks and snacks. Bring people in by promising them something they want, in exchange for their information; that can be more valuable than branded merchandise.

4. Get Creative With Your Signs

Sometimes you need to be a little silly or creative in order to draw people in. Experiment with different types of signs, such as digital signs, chalk signs, artistic signs, or even joke signs. It may be worth it to consult with a brand and marketing representative to find something that's going to stick out on the trade show floor. 

Trade shows are a numbers game. The more information you can get, the better you'll perform. By trying out different tricks and tactics, you should be able to increase your volume and your outcomes