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Ways To Assess Your Business Leaders

Assessing leaders in a fair and valid way comes with many challenges. First of all, how do you know which qualities to measure? Which qualities are actually having an impact on your company or your other employees? It's a fatal mistake to be subjective when evaluating leaders. Qualities that you criticize or praise may not be having a huge effect on your company while calling out those qualities could impact the company in a negative way. 

A leadership team assessment focuses on evaluating leaders based on measurable results and effects. Here are some qualities you want to assess in business leaders. 

Ask for Employee Feedback

Employee feedback about leaders can give you some quantifiable data to support a positive or negative opinion about a leader. This is a good starting point for a conversation about how a person's leadership is affecting other people on the team. 

Get Performance Data

Things like revenue trends, number of new clients in the department, and response time to resolve issues are all points that you can collect data on. If you plan to evaluate a leader by any of these metrics, it's important to let them know you will be monitoring that metric. If you can, give them access to reporting on the metrics so that they can continuously evaluate their own performance. Set specific performance goals for the leader. Then, you can compare the performance goal to the actual results. From there, you can discuss shortfalls and set more reasonable goals if needed. Or, you can make a plan for meeting the goal next time if you feel the goal was realistic. 

Review How Critical Issues Were Handled

There may have been a crisis, a major staffing issue, a loss of a big client, or a tank in sales. This is something to evaluate the leader on. See how they handled the issue by making up the difference, keeping up employee morale, and moving resources around to solve the problem. Do you agree with the concrete steps they took? Why or why not? What would you ask them to do differently in the future?

If you need to give feedback to business leaders, focus on constructive feedback. This means, first of all, quantifying and supporting your feedback. It also means discussing ways to improve in an open fashion. A skilled leadership team assessment group can deliver relevant feedback to leaders while supporting a positive dynamic within the leadership team. To learn more, contact a company like Envision Global Leadership, Inc.