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Improving Cash Security For Your Business

While many businesses accept more debit and credit payments and less cash, some businesses still rely heavily on cash income. These businesses include fast food restaurants, conveniences stores, and small retail shops. Maintaining security for your company's literal cash flow is important, and there are several ways you can help protect your assets. Here are some ideas to consider for your business:

Cash Drop Safes

One way to prevent potential thieves from stealing large amounts of cash is by not keeping a lot of money in your tills. Install cash drop safes under each register, which can be used to quickly deposit large bills or stacks of bills in smaller denominations. With the cash locked in safes your staff can't access, a potential robbery will net less cash. Remember to instruct your staff to turn over whatever assets happen to be in the registers at the time, as their safety is more important than the amount of money you might keep in the register.

Armored Car Pickups

Instead of designating an employee to drop off cash at the bank, hire an armored car company to pick up the cash. They can stop by at pre-arranged times each day, and you can have the cash deposits ready for when they arrive. This reduces risk for your staff, and it keeps large amounts of cash out of the business as much as possible. Be sure to have your commercial locksmith install a safe that can hold each day's deposits until the armored car company arrives.

Change Machines

One way people might try to steal money from your business is to run a change scam. These scams often begin by asking a cashier to break a small bill into change, and the transaction quickly becomes complicated and confusing for the cashier. By the time the "customer" has ended the transaction and left your place of business, you might be out a lot of money. Installing automated change machines at the registers can signal to these con artists that your staff isn't allowed to open the drawers to make change; this is because the change machines dispense change separately from your cash drawer, eliminating the need to keep any coins at all in the till. With the starting point for a con no longer available, your store may be less of a target for this type of crime.

Talk to your commercial locksmith about other ways you can improve cash security in your business, and help your staff feel safe and comfortable working behind the register. Companies like State-Wide Lock & Safe Inc can offer more information.