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Hemp Tea Can Help Control Blood Sugar And Other Diabetes-Related Problems

If you suffer from diabetes, you know the work it takes to keep your blood sugar under control. You have to watch everything that you eat, and most likely take some type of medication. In addition to this, you may have nerve damage and pain for which you either suffer or take medication. Finally, there is a higher risk of cardiovascular disease for diabetics. In fact, many people with sugar problems also suffer from high blood pressure. If you are looking for a way to help with many of the health problems associated with diabetes, you need to check out hemp tea.

Control Blood Sugar

As a diabetic, either your body does not produce enough insulin to metabolize the glucose in your blood, or your body has become resistant to the workings of it. This allows the sugars you eat to stay in your bloodstream. Hemp tea helps to control the blood sugar in a couple of different ways. It can help suppress the autoimmune issues that keep your pancreas from producing insulin. The second action is to reduce the amount of inflammation in the whole body. This helps increase the effectiveness of the insulin; making your cells less resistant to it. When there is more, effective insulin in your blood, the sugar is metabolized quicker and more completely.


Nerve pain in diabetics is often due to a buildup of sugar in the blood cells that then damages the nerves. In addition to reducing the amount of blood sugar, hemp tea helps with inflammation issues throughout the body. This will reduce the amount of pain or tingles you feel. Since diabetic neuropathy usually starts in the feet, you will have better mobility and it won't hurt so much to do so.

Weight Loss

If you are like most people, when you think of the effects of smoking marijuana you think of the munchies. The high you feel after smoking makes you want to eat a lot. However, hemp tea does not have the THC required to get you high and hungry. Instead, it has CBD oil in it which suppresses your appetite. This can be a great help in losing some extra pounds. Losing weight will not only help control your blood sugar, it will also reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems. Many people find that once they lose some weight their blood pressure comes down too.

You should always check with your primary care physician before taking any herbal supplements or remedies. Luckily, more doctors are seeing the wonderful effects CBD oil and hemp tea have on a number of different health conditions. Diabetes is just one of them. For more information, contact companies like The Tea Can Company.