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Why Is Your Stormwater System Regurgitating Water?

As a responsible business owner, you probably have one or more stormwater systems on your business property. These systems pull excess rain water out of parking and pedestrian areas during a storm, so they do a lot to help avoid potential issues with flooding. While stormwater systems definitely have their advantages and do usually last a long time, occasionally they have problems. One of the more common issues is  problems with water regurgitation, which can be incredibly frustrating because the system is doing exactly the opposite of what it should be doing. Here is a look at a few things you need to know if your stormwater system starts regurgitating water after a storm.

The most logical explanation is a clog in the system.

Of course, the primary reason a stormwater system would start regurgitating water during or after a storm is if there is a clog inside preventing water from moving freely through the drainage system. In some cases, you can spot the source of the clog once the water clears, but this will not help you much while the problem is occurring. Visually examine the stormwater system to see if you can spot anything blocking the area, move it if you can, and call a professional repair technician if you cannot make the problem stop.

Regurgitation could be an issue with changes in pressure from the sewer.

If there are issues with trapped air inside of the sewer system leading away from the drain, water can start regurgitating at just about any exit point that allows the pressure to be released. Therefore, the regurgitation issue may not mean there is a problem with your stormwater system at all. Rather, the problem could be something the city sewer overseers have to take care of. Therefore, it is always best to alert the proper sewer services of the city if you are having this problem.

A water pumping service can help you in a desperate situation.

If water is regurgitating through the stormwater system so fast that it does not have time to be wicked out of the area, water levels can rise so fast that it will put your entire business property in danger of flooding. If you see water levels rising quickly, contact a local water pumping service who can help by bringing large pumping trucks to your property to quickly suck up any water they can and eliminate it.