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3 Services The Mortuary Transportation Provider You Hire For Your Loved One Should Offer

Hiring a mortuary transportation company for your loved one may seem straight forward, but they all offer their own unique features and services to consider. Following are three services to look for that the mortuary transportation company you decide to hire should offer.

Multi-Destination Accommodations

The transport company you decide to hire should be able to do more than just transport your deceased loved one from your home or funeral location to the mortuary. If you need to have your loved one transported to multiple places before arriving at the final destination, your service provider should be able to accommodate you every step of the way. A reliable service provider can transport your loved one from the mortuary to the funeral home, and then to their final resting place seamlessly all in the same day.

This means you don't have to worry about timelines or meeting up with the service provider at each location throughout the day. And if you need transportation for your loved one on multiple days, you should be able to schedule the transport services all at once and leave all the planning and coordination legwork to your service provider.

Transportation Route Planning

Another service your mortuary transport provider should be able to offer is route planning for your transportation needs. You should know exactly where your loved one will be during transportation, so the company you hire should provide you with a detailed plan that outlines the exact route they'll be taking during transport. You should also be able to provide your own route plan if you have a preference as to how your loved one travels.

Manage a Funeral Procession

In addition to planning a detailed transportation route for your loved one, the service provider you hire should be able and willing to coordinate a funeral procession if necessary. If funeral guests want to accompany the vehicle that is transporting your loved one from the funeral home to the cemetery, your service provider needs to be able to do things like coordinate a meeting place for everyone and plan a special route that will accommodate the traffic your funeral procession creates. They may even need to work with county officials to legalize the procession, which is a stress that you'll be glad doesn't end up sitting on your shoulders.

Contact a local mortuary transportation company, like Drew Removal Service, today to learn more about the services that are available to you and how they can meet the needs of your loved one and your funeral guests overall.