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Who To Promote Your Aerial Imagery Acquisition Company To

You own an aerial imagery acquisition company, which fills a unique niche in your area. You want to promote your service, but you aren't sure what your audience is. Luckily, there are many businesses in various industries that will benefit from the services you provide, and once you know who to branch out to, you can even form contracts to keep your business constant.

Here is a list of industries worth reaching out to. Speak to company managers, owners, or other decision-making individuals and show them portfolios of the type of aerial imagery you do and how your services will benefit them.


Ranchers and farmers will need to get images of their whole fields and large parcels of land at various times of the year. This is because it's important for them to see what areas are ideal for grazing and crop growth so they know how to utilize the many acres of land they have. You can use your aerial imagery acquisition skills and equipment to give ranchers and farmers a topographical view of their landscape.

This service is beneficial for both ranchers and farmers with existing parcels of land and those looking to buy new properties.

Real estate developers

A real estate developer will need a detailed view of the sections of land they are building on or purchasing. The reason why is twofold: first, a developer wants aerial views so they can plot out the lots they have to show potential buyers and other investors. Secondly, an aerial view shows a real estate developer what type of land they have, which is important if they are working with waterfront or freeway-access parcels of land.

Government entities

Government entities such as BLM or fish and game specialists will need topographical aerial views of the land they manage. This will help them determine what wildlife protection measures they need to take or allow them to see if current efforts at plant restoration are successful. Clients in the government sector may need your services several times a year and are great companies to work for.

Before you promote your aerial imagery acquisition service, make sure you have all licensing for your area and create a strong portfolio of the services you provide. If you have past work history, include this in your portfolio. Once you start building a clientele, you'll be able to grow your unique business and create a steady profit for yourself.